We have chosen a variety of testimonials to display here – to give you some different perspectives on Stephanie’s peers and clients’ thoughts on her coaching skills.

After her Masters in Sport Psychology, Stephanie trained to be a Life Coach with Beyond Success, Australia’s premier personal development company, and ANZI Coaching Business of the Year winner in 2011.

Shortly after her qualification as a Beyond Success Coach, Stephanie was offered the position of Master Coach status, where she became the “Coaches Coach”. She continues to work with Beyond Success, coaching and training their coaches.

Here’s what Paul Blackburn, the founder and director of Beyond Success, has to say about Stephanie’s work:

Jules Tarrant is the Director of Coaching with Beyond Success, and discusses Stephanie’s strengths here:

Colby Stacey is a former client of Stephanie’s. Her business is in importing designer fabric for architects and interior designers. After completing 12 months coaching with Stephanie, she discusses how she has benefited from it:

Lorwai Tan, PhD, Principal of Executive Women Coaches, recommends Stephanie to other Coaches and Entrepreneurs:


“I would not be anywhere near where I am today if I had not invested in myself via Steph’s coaching”

“When Stephanie first became my coach, I was fed up with spending so many hours away from my family. I also knew I had more to offer the world than a 9-5 office job, but with a wife and four teenage children, I was terrified of leaving the sense of security that the job offered me… particularly because I had tried a couple of times before.

Steph was so patient as she guided and supported me through my transition to become a successful Life Coach and Trader.

She helped me to believe in myself and the possibilities that lay ahead.

Three years on: I now work from home; I work the hours I want to work; I have a business I am passionate about, I have multiple income streams; and am a completely different person (not to mention living a short walk to the sea). The work I did with Steph has given me a wonderful framework to build upon as I set up another business that my Wife and I are doing together.

I would not be anywhere near where I am today if I had not invested in myself via Steph’s coaching and the associated Business and Personal education programs which have made a transformational difference.

If you want help and ongoing support to create the life of your dreams, I strongly recommend you call Steph and get started today!”

Rod Schofield, Life Coach and Trader, Somerton Park, SA



“I have never been so honest and open with myself”

“Steph Kakris has been a sensational coach for me over the last five months. She has demonstrated an uncanny ability to provide the appropriate advice, or seed the necessary thought, when required. This journey makes me feel that I can actually achieve my full potential in life. I have never been so honest and open with myself. And because I am doing this with my wife, our communication was good but now is awesome.

Her judgement on deep seated personal issues is beyond question and demonstrates a profound level of insight into emotional intelligence. I am extremely comfortable sharing all my personal baggage with her as she helps me on my journey.”

James Greenshields, Ex-army officer, Leadership and PTSD Coach, Sunshine Coast Qld


“Since working with Steph I have started prioritising myself and putting me first. This in turn has helped me become a better mother, wife and business owner.”

“I started the coaching process because I wanted to be a better person, a better parent and a better wife.

In all of these areas I have had massive growth with Steph’s coaching. I have been on this self development journey for quite some time and although I was ready to change Steph was the right ‘fit’ for me to facilitate it happening. Steph was phenomenally supportive and had a strong intuitive sense of where we needed to go.

Since working with Steph I have started prioritising myself and putting me first. This in turn has helped me become a better parent and wife. I have found that I am worthy to have all that I want out of life.

I have continually kicked goals with Steph and I have chosen to continue kicking them for another 12mths with her.

Many thanks for your awesomeness!!!”

Rachael Downie, Mother of 4, Author and Parenting Coach, Tasmania

“My life now barely resembles what it was”

“When I began with Stephanie, I was just doing ‘ok’ in my life, financially challenged and never feeling really happy or content. There was always an underlying feeling of loneliness and ‘something is missing’ in my life – No Sense of Direction, Purpose or even Hope most days.

Since embarking on the coaching journey just 4 months ago, my life now barely resembles what it was. The changes at first were within, but now my outer world is changing dramatically too… In ways I could never have imagined.

Steph has been there the entire way, guiding, supporting and most importantly, empowering me to discover the skills I need to do it, not just once, but for lasting change.”

Natalie McDonald, Internet Marketer, Sunshine Coast QLD

“You have changed my life for the better”

“Just wanted to say thank you and tell you how much you have helped me turn my life around over the past 5 months. Your belief in me and understanding is simply sensational. You are in my daily blessings often. I honestly never thought I would get to a stage where I am happy with my life and what I am doing. You have changed my life for the better in so many ways and I will always thank you for that.”

Brett Ritchie, ex Police Officer, Geelong, Victoria

“Truly insightful”

“Stephanie Kakris is a truly insightful human being. She has helped me move further along my personal development path than I could have imagined, in such a short timeframe. Her questions and suggestions are always thoughtful and considered, and sharing a coaching session with her is fun. She walks her talk and is an inspiration.”

Kirsty Greenshields, Naturopath & Health Coach, Sunshine Coast, Qld

“A really great coach”

“Stephanie is compassionate, empathic, insightful and straight-to-the-point. She is a wonderful sounding board and a great listener. She walks the talk herself, and most importantly she does it all because she truly cares. All of this is what makes her a really great coach.”

Graham Stoney, Author, Sydney, NSW

“I am more accepting of myself”

“I have benefited in so many ways through having Steph as my coach; she helped me overcome my fear of judgement and as a result I self published my children’s book; I am more accepting of myself which has improved my business relationships and find I have a much more relaxed and fun approach to parenting which has improved my family relationships. Thank you again Steph for your generosity of spirit and unending support.”

Kate Vaisutis, Founder and Director, “Plan of Attack” Brisbane, 0419 296 991