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Are you tired of having more expenses than income?

Do you feel weighed down by the constant worry of not having enough money?

Do you wish that you and money were attracted to each other instead of repelled?

Perhaps you’re going along OK but KNOW you’re capable of earning so much MORE?

If you answered YES! to any of these questions, it’s time for a
Money Mindset Makeover!

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This 28 day step by step e-Course will transform your relationship with money forever.

It’s all about changing your attitudes and beliefs about money – and yourself – to allow you to attract (and keep!) more money.

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Monday 14th November 2016

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StephHeadshotSquareLowRes I’m Stephanie Kakris and I’ve been transforming people’s lives for over 20 years.

There have been times in my life where I have experienced a complete lack of money, and I really understand the stress and pain it can cause.

I am aware of just how many people experience struggle with money, which is what motivated me to create this transformation for you. I strongly believe that changing our mindset around money is as important (if not more important!) as the actions we take to increase our income.


During Money Mindset Makeover, you will learn how I used the Law of Attraction to manifest an unexpected windfall of $14,000 which we used to buy a new car.

In my extensive research into the Law of Attraction, I have learned that everything is energy.
You are energy, your home is energy, your thoughts and feelings are energy – and money is energy.

And – as I’m sure you’re aware – energy is not still, but constantly moving.

Everything is vibrating at a certain frequency.

The Law of Attraction works by attracting objects and events to you that match your personal vibrational frequency.

I love to use the analogy of the tuning fork. If you have a tuning fork which is the note “C”, the fork will vibrate if you sing the note “C”.
If you sing a different note – for example “G”, the “C” tuning fork will not vibrate.

You might need to stretch your imagination with me here while I give you an example of how this works – but please be open to all possibilities.

Let’s say you would love to manifest a new car.
This new car is out there, wanting you to own it.
It might not yet exist in the material (ie. It has not yet been manufactured), but it definitely exists in vibration.
We know this because everything started out as a dream before it existed in the physical.
So, given the car exists, even if it’s in your imagination, it has a specific vibration. It is waiting for you to be vibrating at the same frequency so you will both be resonating together (as with the voice and the tuning fork), and you will come together.

So, the next obvious question is, how do I match my vibrational frequency to what I want to manifest?

I’m so glad you asked – this is exactly what this 28 day eCourse is all about.

Most of us are vibrating at a lower frequency than we’d like, so our job is to raise our vibration. There are many, many different ways we can do this.

The easiest way to summarise how, is to do more of what makes you feel good!

This might be spending time in nature, with good friends, watching a “feel good” movie, nourishing our bodies with fresh, healthy food… – you get the picture?

Manifesting our desires also requires us to identify our hidden beliefs and emotions so that we can change them.

Money Mindset Makeover shows you – step by step – exactly how to do that.

My ultimate aim for you in this 28 day “Money Mindset Makeover” is to raise your vibration, with the end result of attracting more money, AND more positive experiences and opportunities.

After all, prosperity is about more than money. It’s about living a fulfilling, abundant life.

If you’re ready to honour yourself and commit to doing a small task each day for 28 days,  join others in this movement to manifest money for Christmas!

Today I’m offering a special price of $97 to complete the entire program. This program is worth a lot more – you will be so pleased you joined us!

We are starting Monday 14th November 2016

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Quantum Money Success Stories (just a couple of many I have received):

“What a sensational, savvy, power house abundant $$ program you created for us all Stephanie !!! World class and I instilled lots of new learnings. Thank you dear friend and coach.

Reward: At very short notice – my business partner and I organised a pre – Xmas cash and carry sale for Kyoto Design, with very little advertising yesterday. The outcome we manifested $5200 cash -we’re going to Broome for a very well deserved break on the 27th Dec and still there is money to re-invest back into the business.”

~ Claire from Perth

“Recently we made the decision to sell all the investment properties we own and we put our last Brisbane property on the market on Monday. We didn’t even price it but decided to offer it to the market and get a feel for what the market thought. We had our first inspection on Tuesday where the price indicated was at the pointy end of what we thought we might get tops. We sold it tonight to that same person with no advertising or marketing costs at all for $15,000 more than that and…….. he’s a cash buyer so it goes unconditional immediately. Apparently he’s as excited as we are so it’s a win, win, win for all of us, the agent included (who, by the way, is going overseas on holiday on Sunday). And to think some people told us Christmas was a terrible time to sell. And we set a market record for the building selling a one bedroom apartment for $17,000 more than the previous record. Awesome!!!!!
Thanks Steph!!!!”

~ Carolyn from Brisbane

“I have just been to get my visa. I was told it was going to be $425. My sons unexpectedly gave me the money for it. I just came into the office of immigration and have been told that I have a rare lifelong visa that they just need to link electronically to my passport and that there is NO CHARGE. Every day I have been saying “I accept money into my life from expected and unexpected sources” . Loving the energy flow that is happening xx”

~ Lorraine from Melbourne




What’s included in Money Mindset Makeover?

The Money Mindset Makeover is a multi-faceted program.

Improving your money mindset and raising your vibration can be done in different ways, and the more bases you cover, the more powerful the transformation.

      1. E-Course

You will receive an email with a small task to complete every weekday. The tasks have been designed to transform your personal money energy.  Then over the weekend, we allow time for you to complete the tasks set, and to integrate the learnings.

The 28 day program covers 6 topics over (almost) 6 weeks.

    In Week 1 we explore what it is that you really want. You are shown how to broaden your mind and expand your perception of what’s possible to manifest into your life.
    Looking ahead to new horizons and leaving the past behind is a key to doing this.
    Wealth is more than money. A critical factor to attracting more wealth is becoming more aware how you are rich RIGHT NOW. After all, what you focus on, you attract.
    Your experiences are largely a result of your beliefs. The amount of money you currently have (or don’t have) is proportional to your beliefs around money, and yourself! This week focuses on identifying your hidden beliefs and emotions around money, because awareness and consciousness is the first step to transformation.
    This week I share my most powerful techniques for raising your vibration and attracting (and keeping) more money. (These things might not be what you expect!)
  • Week 5 – ALLOWING AND RECEIVING WEALTH (Overcoming resistance)
    There is a school of thought that says everything we could possibly want is right there for the taking, but that our subconscious beliefs and emotions block the path. For example: we don’t allow ourselves to receive it because we feel we are not worthy.
    During Week 5 we open ourselves up to deserve and receive more.
  • Week 6 – WHERE TO FROM HERE?
    In the final 3 days of the program, I will share my favourite resources (books, meditations, audios) around the concept of money and wealth, should you wish to study the topic further.

        2. Join the Money Movement

There is great power in a collective experience. Money Mindset Makeover also includes an invitation to join our private Facebook group, so you may connect with other like minded individuals, share your journey, insights and success along the way. Have you ever heard the term co-creating?

Science has shown that a group of people creating something together is a far more powerful force than many people creating on their own. My goal is that we create a momentum of abundance within the group, that also has a ripple effect beyond those doing this program and into the community around us.

There is a term called “collective consciousness” which describes how cultural ideas form an energy of their own and infiltrate the beliefs of others that may not have ever heard of the ideas. With your help, I am aiming to reach a collective consciousness of an abundant, loving mindset in our culture in place of our current default in the Western World of fear and lack.

       3. Meditation & Resources

You will also receive a copy of Stephanie’s “Achieve Your Goals” meditation, a guided meditation designed to assist you to visualise exactly what it is that you want, and accelerate your success.

Stephanie also shares her favourite Money Mindset resources – Books, Apps, Meditations, and Affirmations.

   4. Donate to your favourite charity

During the 28 days, I will be encouraging everyone enrolled in the course to donate a percentage of their manifestations to their favourite charity. I am starting the ball rolling with donating $5 from every person that signs up to Money Mindset Makeover to my friends and colleagues who run the Resilient Leaders Foundation. They are passionate about assisting people to overcome mental health issues, find their inner strength to guide others. When we are striving for a cause greater that ourselves, our manifesting abilities are stronger!



If you complete the program and don’t feel like you’ve got your money’s worth – for ANY reason, let me know and I’ll refund your money.

As I mentioned earlier, this program is a bargain at $97 – it is worth a lot more. I wanted to make it accessible and affordable to reach as many people as possible.



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I am giving away a $500 Voucher + $100 Donation to the person or business who refers the most people to Money Mindset Makeover.

Share with your friends, clients, colleagues. It will be fun to be on this journey together and you could win yourself a very nice prize! I have created a Facebook event for you to share – click here to go there now.



Please note: This program is focused on transforming your attitude and mindset around attracting money.
On it’s own, however, it is unlikely to be enough enough to boost your income.
A healthy money mindset MUST be coupled with affirmative action in order to achieve greater wealth.
You will not land a higher paying, better quality job unless you apply for some!
You are not likely to get a pay rise unless you ask for it (although it does sometimes happen “out of the blue”, it’s less likely).

Bear in mind that the actions you take might not be the ones that attract the money. The Universe has its own plan for you.
Your task is to demonstrate to God or the Universe that you are serious about changing your situation and it will reward you for that effort.

So along with this 28 day program to boost your vibration and “money mindset”, I strongly recommend you commit to doing things that will boost your income.
If you are not sure how to do that at the moment, start the program and ask for guidance every few days, “What do I need to do now?”.
Sit quietly and listen for the answer. If you would like some coaching to help you to find those answers, please let me know.

To your success!

Stephanie Kakris

This program is intended as information for people wanting to boost their spiritual and emotional quest in life.  Nothing in this program is to be considered financial advice.  The author is not a financial advisor, but a Law of Attraction and mindset expert.  Anything you choose to act on as a result of this program is of your own free will, and the author assumes no responsibility for your actions or their consequences.  The author recommends you seek the advice of a qualified financial advisor about your specific financial situation.




copyright: Stephanie Kakris 2013-2016