Attention: Coaches, consultants and entrepreneurs who want to make a genuine difference to the world —please read on!

Stephanie and Peter Kakris provide personal and professional coaching to
help their clients achieve everything they KNOW they’re capable of
— so you can have the business and the lifestyle you deserve!

We offer a unique skill set that combines the latest in harnessing the power of your your mind to achieve success… as well as modern business marketing expertise. Our clients understand that TRUE success requires both MINDSET and SKILLSET. We’ve spent years learning how to do it ourselves, and now we want to help YOU get your message out there – and live your dream life!

“I would love to find out more . . .”

Because we are people who like to “try before we buy”, we want to offer you the same opportunity. Call us to arrange your FREE 45 minute strategy session to discuss how you can alter your mindset and marketing strategies to take your business to the next level, attract ideal clients – allowing you to make more money AND make a greater difference.

Stephanie ph. 0413 047728 | Peter ph. 0413 047721

If you’re a coach, consultant or entrepreneur, 
we can assist you to:

  • harness the POWER of your true self to make a difference to others
  • become part of something bigger than YOU
  • move yourself, your mission and the Universe into alignment so that things “flow” (no more struggling!)
  • turn your TALENTS into a BUSINESS and make MONEY by providing a much needed service to the world
  • create a business around your life, rather than designing your life around your business

Our wish for you is to fulfill your life’s potential and have more confidence and clarity as you move faster toward your dreams.We believe in your unlimited potential. Let us show you EXACTLY HOW to achieve the life you deserve… and more importantly, change others people’s lives in the process.

So if you’re feeling “stuck” in your business, like everything you’ve tried has come to a dead end, and wondering how you’re going to make it work, please give us a call for a free strategy session, we’re here to help!

Our Marketing expertise includes:

  • Effective web design that gets people wanting to know more, and sorts the “wheat” from the “chaff”
  • How social media fits in with your marketing strategy
  • How to outsource those tasks in your business that you HATE doing, to make more time for what you LOVE
  • Clarifying your message and copywriting principals to convey it
  • How to create multiple income streams for your business

We understand that some of you already have all the marketing knowledge you need, but are procrastinating about putting it into practice. Because success in business includes both effective marketing techniques AND a ‘success’ mindset, we work with our clients on mindset as a priority.

Our Mindset expertise includes:

  • Fostering self worth and self belief so that success finds YOU (rather than eluding you!)
  • Inspiration and motivation – how to leap out of bed every morning with a spring in your step!
  • Align your business vision with your core beliefs
  • How to find the courage to step outside your comfort zone and be the person you were born to be
  • Personality profiling: find out what “type” you are, and why you behave the way you do. We teach you how to work to your strengths, and how to overcome your limitations to make you more effective in everything you do!
  • How to set effective goals using the Law of Attraction
  • And probably the most important: How to maintain life balance and have more FUN in your life!

Call us today for your free strategy session, and find out how to make more money in your
business . . . and more time to do what you want for yourself!